APMA2019 powder metallurgy congress, India, feb 19-1

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To prepare material

The preparation of materials is divided into software and hardware preparation. The software is the theme, process and result of this activity, while the hardware is photos, materials, audio, video, etc.


Compose writing framework

The framework is generally constructed in the following two ways: first, a one-sentence overview of "time, people, places and events", followed by the elaboration of activity meaning and effect, and the coordination of materials;The second is "purpose, person, time, place, time" a paragraph overview, then describe the process of activities and activities in the process of one to two highlights, and finally to summarize the significance of activities and the effect achieved.


Hardware options

Mainly for the selection of pictures, the selection of pictures must be clear, do not use blurred, dim pictures, among them, can highlight the theme of the activity of the picture first, the figure in the photo can be prominent, the expression of the figure should be natural and appropriate, the position of the figure in the middle of the photo is good, it is suggested that do not use photos do not PS.



Preview the reading

After the press release is written, must read many times, in order to find the sentence smooth and grammatical errors, avoid mistakes, this step can not be missing, the company's website, public number is an important way to release, but also the company's external window, maintain this window is very important.


The last suggestion

The company's website or official account is not only an external window, but also can reflect the image and management level of a company. Daily updates are essential. For example, there are few activities, you can release some industry news, trends and other articles to ensure the normal operation of the website and official account and maintain the company's external image.

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